The number of international travellers entering Australia has screeched to a virtual halt.

A measly 5400 foreign visitors entered the country in June, a quarter of whom were Kiwis.

Almost 16,000 Australians returned home from overseas during the month, an eye-watering 98 per cent lower than June last year.

Roughly 12 per cent flew home from India, which was the largest share of any country.

Australia recorded 6.7 million overseas visitor arrivals for the 2019/20 financial year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found.

The arrival numbers were down 27.9 per cent on the previous year and the lowest since 2013/14.

ABS director of migration statistics Jenny Dobak said arrivals increased every month until February, when the coronavirus began to take hold.

“Once the tighter restrictions came into effect on March 20 the drop in visitors arriving was dramatic, being close to 100 per cent,” she said on Friday.

Less than 60 international students arrived in Australia in June, a decrease of nearly 100 per cent compared to the 45,980 students in the same month the previous year.