CANBERRA, AAP – Australians will soon be able to get a clearer picture of how companies are tracking towards their emissions reduction targets.

The Clean Energy Regulator has on Friday announced plans to start a Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency report.

It will be underpinned by the rules used by companies which report their emissions to government.

“For the first time companies will be able to show clearly how they are tracking towards their emissions reduction commitments,” Clean Energy Regulator chair David Parker said.

The register will also help companies report their progress towards carbon neutrality to the share market.

The Clean Energy Regulator says the move will help support the private sector to be less emissions intensive.

Feedback on the draft register is open until March 19.

All states and territories have committed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The federal opposition also supports the policy but the Morrison government has not agreed to it.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says it is his preference for Australia to achieve net zero by 2050, but he faces a fresh round of opposition to the target from within his own government.