Scott Morrison insists he will remain in charge during the continuing coronavirus emergency in Victoria as he takes time out with his family during the school holidays.

Mr Morrison is keen not to see a repeat of the media furore and public outcry over his Hawaiian family holiday during the summer bushfire crisis.

He’s told reporters in Canberra on Friday he will be ducking in and out of family time while his wife Jenny and two daughters take a school holiday break on the outskirts of Sydney.

He says he’s hoping to “wet a line” but insists he will be on top of the coronavirus pandemic response.

“Given the changing critical situation we have in Victoria, I will not be joining (the family) for that full-time,” he noted at the end of a media conference.

“We have technology where I can be with them and continue to take briefings, calls and meetings.

“As a dad, I will take some time, but at the same time I can assure you, we will remain absolutely focused on the things we need to focus on.”

Mr Morrison said he was asking for Australians’ understanding.

“Just because I am not standing in front of a camera it does not mean I am not behind my desk or doing what I need to do on a daily basis.”

If he does end up wetting a line, he might be interested in joining the newly-formed Parliamentary Friends of Recreational Fishing.