A decision on the long term rate of JobSeeker is expected to be made by early December.

Social Services officials will be grilled about the unemployment benefit at a Senate estimates hearing on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given his strongest indication yet the coronavirus supplement could be extended into next year.

“I have been clear and leant into it pretty heavily that people can expect the COVID supplement to be going forward beyond the end of this year,” he told parliament on Tuesday.

“The precise level and the arrangements that sit around that are matters the government is considering now and will be doing so over the next few weeks.”

The coronavirus supplement is currently $250 a fortnight, having shrunk from $550 at the height of the pandemic.

The boost is due to end in December and the government would have to legislate a further extension.

Mr Morrison said a decision would be made before parliament rises for the year on December 10 so it can be stamped into law.

Without the coronavirus supplement, the dole payment would return to its pre-pandemic rate of $40 a day.