* 123,000 people logged on to Centrelink website on Tuesday morning

* 814,000 people expected to lose their jobs between now and end of June

* More than 1.5 million people total out of work by mid-year

* Hardest hit sectors will be arts and recreation (40 per cent of jobs lost), hospitality (29 per cent) and construction (8 per cent)

* Some sectors will grow including telecommunication (by 14 per cent), health care (10 per cent) and public administration (5 per cent)

* Unemployment rate to rise from 5.1 per cent in February to 11.1 per cent in June

* Unemployment to stay static through September quarter and ease to 8.8 per cent by December

* One million people not already on welfare will receive the new coronavirus supplement, but some of these will be casuals and sole traders who still have jobs but had lost hours and income

(Sources: Westpac, Australian government)