South Australia is set to resume taking repatriated Australians with a flight due to land in Adelaide.

International arrivals were put on hold last month after an outbreak of COVID-19 cases linked to one of the state’s quarantine hotels.

With the Parafield cluster now largely under control, flights have been cleared to resume with the first to land on Tuesday bringing 72 people from Singapore.

They will all be tested for coronavirus and, under stricter isolation arrangements, anyone that tests positives will be moved to two dedicated floors in one of Adelaide’s medi-hotels.

The two floors will have the capacity to take 43 people, with guests to be spaced out and have access to 24-hour nursing and mental health care.

All security will be provided by police.

Health Minister Stephen Wade said the government was still looking for a stand-alone facility to care for infected travellers and other COVID-19 positive cases and hoped to make an announcement soon.

More international flights were scheduled for later this week, but the final number of arrivals is yet to be determined.

The minister said the government remained committed to helping bring Australians home.

“I am very proud of the fact that South Australia is setting up and playing its part in the international repatriation effort,” he said.

“I do not want to be looking back in decades to come ashamed of the fact that we left thousands of Australians stranded in COVID infested countries.”