The federal energy minister wants to shine a light on what he perceives as possible integrity issues with solar panels.

Angus Taylor has launched a two-month investigation involving his department and the Clean Energy Regulator to focus on four main areas.

They are the Clean Energy Council’s solar accreditation processes, the integrity of installers, financing practices and unaccredited operators in the market.

Mr Taylor says he wants to protect the integrity of the system.

“I have asked the Clean Energy Regulator, with the support of my department, to investigate the issues raised in a range of recent reports focused on the integrity of the rooftop solar sector,” he said

“Australians are world leaders in the uptake of rooftop PV, shown by the uninterrupted strong growth in rooftop solar.

“Protecting the integrity of a system that has such a wide ranging impact on Australian households and businesses is a top priority.”

Mr Taylor’s office insists it’s not an attack on renewables but instead an effort to ensure public confidence.

The minister is concerned about reports of defective installations, non-compliance and hardball selling tactics.