CANBERRA, AAP – Labor will continue to focus on health in a bid to grab Liberal-held marginal seats on the third full day of the election campaign, as the prime minister announces $250 million for two domestic refiners to supply better quality fuels.

Starting in western Sydney, Scott Morrison is expected to jet interstate later in the day to spruik the $125 million grants to be matched by refineries in Brisbane and Victoria to begin major construction to upgrade facilities.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese will be in Melbourne on Wednesday to announce a trial of 50 urgent care clinics across the country, offering an alternative to busy hospital emergency departments for families.

The clinics will treat patients needing urgent care from health care workers, including broken bones, minor burns and stitches for cuts, in a bid to free up clogged emergency departments.

They will be based at GP surgeries and community health centres nationwide and cost more than $135 million over four years.

Meanwhile, former Queensland coalition MP George Christensen has signalled he’s making a comeback ahead of the May 21 poll saying One Nation will name him as a candidate.

Mr Christensen had previously announced he would be retiring from his seat of Dawson and earlier this month resigned from the LNP.

Queensland coalition senator Matt Canavan said it was a cowardly decision.

“It’s desertion … you don’t go off and speak to a minor party,” he told Nine Network on Wednesday.

It’s not clear whether Mr Christensen will run for One Nation in the lower house or the Senate. One Nation has already preselected its candidate for Dawson.

Meanwhile, Mr Morrison was confronted by a man at a private event in Sydney on Tuesday night, who called the prime minister a disgrace.

The 20-year-old man, who is identified as a “progressive activist” online, approached Mr Morrison and filmed the interaction.

“Scomo, across the river here, across the Nepean River, people lost their houses and they were burned. You’re a disgrace – you are a disgrace,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

Mr Albanese arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday from Tasmania and visited an inner-city charity in the safe Labor seat of Macnamara with MP Josh Burns and Labor candidate for Higgins, Michelle Ananda-Rajah.

He met with priest Father Bob Maguire at his foundation in South Melbourne to announce a $300,000 election pledge for the organisation, which helps thousands of struggling people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage with food and other support.