* Australians lost $634 million from scams in 2019.

* Industry experts put the losses from cyber security incidents at $29 billion a year.

* During the past financial year, the Australian Cyber Security Centre responded to 2266 cyber security incidents.

* There were two notable spikes, in October 2019 and April 2020. The October spike related to the Emotet malware campaign, while April saw a rise in COVID-19 themed cybercrime.

* Between March 10 and 26, the ACSC received more than 45 pandemic-themed cybercrime and cyber security incident reports, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch receiving over 100 similarly-themed reports.

* Most incidents were categorised as “moderate” (36.5 per cent), followed by “substantial” (33.3 per cent).

* The most commonly targeted computer systems were federal government, followed by state and territory government.

* The preferred tool for hackers is the “malicious email”, which is used to obtain access to a network by compromising a user’s credentials or installing malware after a recipient clicks on a link or attachment.