Optimism is high from one of the nation’s leading retail advocacy groups about their prediction of a bumper Boxing Day sale.

Foot traffic in stores across the country have been plentiful according to the National Retail Association, who forecast sales of $2.62 billion heading into the annual event.

Online shopping sales were expected to skyrocket for Boxing Day, accounting for a quarter of of all revenue

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb told AAP on Thursday she believed her company’s predicated sales would be close to the actual figure after seeing solid foot traffic.

“The fact we are seeing those crowds coming out gives us confidence,” she said.

“Western Australia (has) experienced quite a crowd than what they are use too.

“I think we are going to see positive numbers and we will see those online figures hit the mark.”

Queensland regional manager Rowena Derksen said online sales could account for half of this year’s revenue for the brand.

“Nationally we expect to have over a million through our doors and we also expect to have the same number of people visit our website,” she said.

New South Wales was tipped to be the nation-leader in spending this year with $871 million forecast to be spent during the sale.

This figure is up from 2018 by more than six per cent.

Ms Lamb said Victoria and Queensland would increase their spending by five per cent from the previous year, while the ACT would spend $54 million despite its small population.


* NSW, $871 million

* VIC, $825 million

* QLD, $441 million

* SA, $129 million

* WA, $221 million

* TAS, $56 million

* NT, $27 million

* ACT, $54 million