Billionaire Clive Palmer’s political party splashed more than $89 million on his failed bid to return to federal parliament.

Mr Palmer’s United Australia Party spent the eye-watering sum during the 2018/19 financial year according to Australian Electoral Commission figures released on Monday.

Mr Palmer’s companies tipped all of the cash into the party, with the exception of $5.5 million from the tax office and $16,000 from the AEC.

UAP failed to win a seat on May 18 in either house of parliament despite a sustained advertising blitz across a wide range of platforms.

The party has an $8.2 million debt to Google and owes a further $600,000 to IPG Marketing Solutions.

Mr Palmer’s Mineralogy, which tipped $83.7 million into the UAP, was the biggest fossil fuel donor during the election.

Gas company Woodside donated $135,400 to Labor, $136,750 to the Liberal Party and $11,190 to the National Party.

Excluding donations to the UAP, fossil fuel industry donations totalled $1.9 million.

The top three fossil fuel industry donors, excluding Clive Palmer-linked companies, were Woodside, Adani and the gas industry lobby group Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association.

These donated a total of $692,299 to various parties.