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YOUR PORTFOLIO: Hot Rare Earths On Increasing Demand

The rare earths story embraces potentially big windfalls laced with plenty of risk. Listed Australian rare earths companies aren’t for conservative investors, as explorers without earnings dominate the landscape. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop share prices rising as the market looks forward, factoring in what tomorrow can potentially bring in an industry dominated by China. The…

SECTOR SCAN: The Best Oil Stocks On Rising Crude

Riots in Egypt amid a tense Middle East is pushing crude oil prices higher, with Brent recently breaching the psychological $US100 a barrel. Freezing winters in much of the northern hemisphere and a de facto moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, despite a lifting of the ban since the BP oil spill in…

Float watch: how to get on board the hottest upcoming floats

Recent floats have been a roaring success for those investors brave enough to get on board when things were looking shaky.   Coming soon: article to appear in an upcoming newsletter.

The best dividend stocks of the decade

The year ahead promises some juicy yields for income investors, but it is a matter of knowing where to look.  Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

Broker upgrades and downgrades

All the latest broker upgrades and downgrades on the leading stocks on the ASX.  Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter.

The best gold stocks for your portfolio

With gold near record highs, many of the small and mid-cap miners are doubling and tripling annual profit. Which ones should you single out to add to your portfolio? Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

Who’s buying and selling their own stock

A rundown of all the latest buying and selling activity from company directors. Coming soon – to appear in the first PREMIUM newsletter. 

5 Uranium Stocks to Watch

Australia’s uranium sector is highly speculative, but it offers an opportunity to make relatively fast money for investors willing to heighten their risk/reward appetite. The uranium spot price has risen from $US41.75 a pound in June 2010 to $US71.83 a pound at the end of January 2011, a 72 per cent increase. China and Russia’s…

Value Packed Financial Stocks For 2011

The time to consider buying stock is when proven performers appear under valued. Astute investors identify value after concluding a company’s brighter longer-term outlook outweighs short-term difficulties. Companies within the financial sector are worthy of attention as they have taken a back seat to more appealing minerals and energy firms. Concerns about regulatory risk emerged…