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China: What Goes Up Must Come Down

As the United States and Europe attempt to claw their way out of a financial crisis, Aussies have been patting themselves on the back for hitching their economic wagon to China. China’s rapid growth has provided a strong demand for Australia’s abundant natural resources. And Australian businesses have enjoyed prosperity across the board, not just…

The Mining Tax Showdown

The announcement Wednesday by mining giant BHP Billiton of record Australian half-year profits, exceeding $10 billion, has re-ignited the debate over the Mineral Resource Rent Tax. The MRRT’s predecessor, the Resource Super Profits Tax, was a factor in the downfall of former prime minister Kevin Rudd. Before the August election, current Prime Minister Julia Gillard…

Will The Housing Bubble Pop?

As Aussie housing prices have risen dramatically in recent years and LVRs have skyrocketed, leading economists and investment advisers have weighed in on the issue of whether Australia is experiencing a “housing bubble” and, if so, whether it will eventually “pop” or quietly deflate. Today we summarise several perspectives: 1.    Steve Keen, Assoc. Prof. in…

Three Speed Economy, Will It Be Our Undoing?

Last year, Dr. Ken Henry, Secretary to the Treasury, described the Australian economy as a “three speed economy” in which: 1.    The mining and mining-related sectors grow strongly;2.    Other trade-exposed sectors (like many parts of manufacturing) grow more slowly; and 3.    Non-traded sectors grow at a rate somewhere between those two, depending upon the relative…

Guru Watch: what the big guns are saying and doing

From Warren Buffett to George Soros, we look at what the gurus are buying, selling and saying. Coming soon: to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

Stocks to watch: movers and shakers on the ASX

All the movers and shakers on the ASX – mergers, acquisitions, downgrades, profit increases and decreases, plus company announcements. Coming soon: to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

An opportunity too large to ignore

We pinpoint the stocks most leverage to the Chinese infrastructure boom, which is seeing new cities spring up almost overnight. Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

Company earnings reporting season – who’s set to surprise the market

WIth earnings season in full flight, we take a look at who’s set to surprise the market with their earnings report – both on the upside and downside. Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter.