Blue Chips & Stocks To Watch!

Mid-Cap Stocks To Boost Your Portfolio

Companies with a market capitalisation between $300 million and $1.3 billion are broadly defined as mid-cap sector stocks, according to Shaw Stockbroking analyst Scott Marshall. But share price movements can easily move stocks in and out of the above dollar range. Marshall says there’s more than 200 mid-caps listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and,…

Dump this bank from your portfolio

The big four Aussie banks have dominated the market for several decades, pulling in massive profits in good times and bad. But on the back of the biggest financial crisis of our lifetime, some of them are looking positively wobbly. Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter.

The best stock on the ASX

With more than 2,000 stocks to choose from on the Australian Securities Exchange, it’s a big call to select one as the ‘best’. But there is a stock that stands out from the pack for a number of reasons. Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

Is Macquarie Bank a bargain

The global financial crisis took the sheen off the Millionaire Factory’s seemingly unscratchable veneer, but is Macquarie gearing up for a big 2011? Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

A tough new world for banks, or not?

Analysts say that Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd is set to do it tough over the coming year, but what exactly does that mean for its share price. Coming soon – to appear in an upcoming newsletter. 

Top Down Strategy – Stocks To Gain From Flood Recovery

Think of top down investing as a “big picture” strategy.  The big picture is the global market and all it encompasses.  If you think of the global market as a forest, if it looks green and healthy, you enter the forest looking for the healthiest trees.  When you find a grove of healthy trees, you…