Business SA has called on the state government to include a dedicated support package for the tourism and events sector in its upcoming budget.

Chief Executive Martin Haese says the sector has been hit hard by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and South Australia has fallen behind other states in the level of government assistance.

“South Australia is the Festival State, and our festivals and events need more support,” said Mr Haese.

“Business SA is calling on the state government to announce a targeted support package for those business in heavily impacted sectors, particularly in events, tourism and hospitality venues subject to indoor standing and drinking rules.”

“While these businesses have been helped by JobKeeper and some other support measures, their revenue remains significantly comprised by ongoing restrictions and they need additional cashflow assistance.”

Mr Haese said South Australia’s events supply chain played a crucial role in attracting tourists as well as underwriting the liveability of the state.

“Business SA is concerned if these businesses don’t receive more targeted financial support many will fold before the festival season even kicks off,” he said.

Treasurer Rob Lucas will hand down the delayed state budget on November 10.