ADELAIDE, AAP – Ongoing help for businesses during periods of increased COVID-19 restrictions and support for the recycling industry are among key recommendations from Business SA for the next state budget.

The organisation says while restrictions continue to be eased, many businesses are still hurting and at risk of closing because of the pandemic.

“This state budget must reflect those still needing a helping hand, until such time as we are living without government-imposed restrictions,” Chief Executive Martin Haese said on Thursday.

Business SA has proposed a new funding mechanism to support small to medium enterprises during periods of increase virus restrictions.

It has also backed a fund to encourage development across the arts, events and live performances sector, tax and stamp duty concessions and a further hospitality and recreation voucher scheme in the CBD for autumn and winter.

On recycling, it said the government should introduce a $50 million fund to allow state government entities to purchase recycled products and materials to boost demand and help create jobs.

Green Industries South Australia said developing a circular economy through increased recycling could create 25,000 jobs and reduce South Australia’s greenhouse emissions by 27 per cent.

“South Australia has considerable expertise in water, waste and recycling,” Mr Haese said.

“The circular economy can translate into jobs and opportunities for South Australians.”

The state government will hand down its next budget in June.