Rideshare drivers and delivery riders across Australia will take part in global protest action on Wednesday in a bid to make Uber prioritise safety.

Letters will be delivered by drivers and the Transport Works Union to offices across the country with a list of claims for the company.

The main action will take place in Melbourne at 10.30am, but action will also take place in Sydney and Brisbane.

The protest follows more than 100 submissions that have been made to the Victorian government’s On-Demand Workforce inquiry into industries such as food delivery and ride sharing.

Former Foodora rider Josh Klooger last year won Australia’s first unfair dismissal claim against the delivery service after he stood up for better working conditions.

“It was pretty good at first, I was getting paid around $25 an hour with a delivery rate per drop, but as other companies came in, the market grew, the newer drivers were getting paid less and less until it got to a point where I had to speak up about it,” the university student told reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Mr Klooger said newer drivers were getting paid $7 per delivery and nothing per hour by the time he left.

The inquiry will not hold public hearings but will talk to industry stakeholders before reporting later this year.