Australia has accused Facebook of a heavy-handed bluff after the social media giant threatened to ban news from its platforms.

Facebook has warned that if the federal government pushes ahead with plans to make it and Google pay Australian media companies for their stories, it will block news altogether.

Attorney-General Christian Porter is not impressed.

“We’re not playing poker here,” Mr Porter told 6PR radio on Wednesday.

“We’re not in an environment where we’re ever going to be persuaded by heavy-handed predictions or bluffs.

“It was certainly a bullish statement and it was very heavy-handed, and it just is totally unpersuasive to the government.”

The government intends to introduce a code of conduct that will make Facebook and Google sit down with Australian news organisations to negotiate a fee for the use of their content.

Mr Porter described the proposal as fair minded and reasonable and Facebook’s comments as terribly unhelpful.

Google has previously warned it could be forced to provide dramatically worse versions of Google Search and YouTube if the code is introduced.

The internet search giant also claimed it could be obliged to hand over more user data to media companies.

The competition and consumer watchdog has rubbished both claims.