* Australia and the United Kingdom have agreed on the broad outline of a free trade agreement

* Citizens in both countries will get better access to products and more freedom of movement

* Australia says producers and farmers will benefit the most


* Australia will eliminate all tariffs on UK imports within five years

* Australian tariffs on UK cars, whisky will be eliminated immediately

* The UK will liberalise 99 per cent of Australian imports including wine and rice

* Beef and sheep tariffs will be eliminated after 10 years

* Sugar tariffs will be eliminated over eight years

* Dairy tariffs will be eliminated over five years

* Special arrangements around duty-free quotas for Australian agricultural imports will apply over those years

* Australians with working holiday visas will get expanded rights and be allowed to stay in the UK for three years, under an increased cut-off age of 35

* Australia will waive the requirement for British backpackers to work on farms for 80 days to get a visa extension

* Businesses will benefit from provisions to support mutual recognition of qualifications


* Australia and the UK will work on finalising the text of the agreement

* The deal has to be ratified by the parliaments of both countries

* It is also expected to help pave the way for the UK to enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact

Source: Federal Government