APX – APPEN LTD – down 9.15 per cent, or $2.23, to $22.14

The artificial intelligence company said it had completed its $285 million institutional placement at an offer price of $21.50 a share, driving its share price lower.

SPT – SPLITIT LTD – up 0.62 per cent, or one cent, to $1.62

The buy now, pay later company’s shares gained for a sixth straight day, to another all-time high.

The company listed on the ASX less than two months ago, at an initial price of 20 cents a share, and are now worth more than eight times as much.

The Melbourne company was subject to a ‘please explain’ letter from the ASX on Monday as its share price skyrocketed.

Spilitit responded by saying press reports explaining its business model and comparing it to Afterpay Touch may be responsible.

XIP – XENITH IP GROUP LTD – up 14.02 per cent, or 22.5 cents, to $1.83

IPH – IPH LTD – up 2.76 per cent, or 18 cents, to $6.71

QIP – QANTM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LTD – down 9.04 per cent, or 15 cents, to $1.51

IPH has made an $197 million bid for Xenith IP, offering the equivalent of $1.97 a share for its rival intellectual property firm.

Xenith has been moving forward with a merger with the only other ASX-listed trademark and patent firm, QANTM, which would create an IP firm that would rival IPH in size.

HAS – HASTING TECHNOLOGY METALS – up 9.68 per cent, or 1.5 cents, to 17 cents

The company updated investors on its Yangibana rare earth mine in Western Australia, 270 kms northeast of Carnarvon, which it says will be a ‘robust, low cost and high cash generating asset,’ producing rare earth metals for the electric car market.