US President Donald Trump unveiled his proposal for billions in fresh border wall funding Monday and repeated his demand for Senate Republican loyalty ahead of a vote on his controversial border emergency declaration.
The Senate is expected to vote in the second half of this week on a Democratic effort to nullify Trump’s emergency declaration, which he is using to redirect government funds to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.
Four Republicans have said they will break ranks and join Democrats in blocking Trump’s controversial measure. Democrats are in the Senate minority but their measure would pass with the four Republicans’ support.
Democrats argue that Trump exceeded his authority when he invoked special powers to override congressional opposition to funding extra border wall construction, and several Republicans have expressed discomfort with Trump’s move. 
But Trump leaned on them heavily for the second time in five days, tweeting that Republicans ‘have a very easy vote this week’ on border security and the wall, stressing it is not about ‘Constitutionality and Precedent.’
‘The Dems are 100% United’ on the issue, he added. ‘Get tough R’s!’
Should the measure make it to Trump’s desk it will be a comprehensive congressional rebuke of the president, but it will only have symbolic importance since Trump can respond with a veto – the first of his presidency – then continue to obtain his wall funding.
The White House meanwhile laid out an ambitious 2020 budget proposal Monday which contains $8.6 billion in new wall funding, considerably above the $5.7 billion Trump sought for this year.