VOC – VOCUS GROUP – up 9.97 per cent, or 35 cents, to $3.86

The telecommunications company says it is moving away from the ‘complex and economically unattractive’ NBN in favour of offering customers 5G fixed wireless.

RHL – RURALCO HOLDINGS – up 45.1 per cent, or $1.38, to $4.44

The rural services firm has received a $469 million all-cash takeover offer from Canadian fertiliser maker Nutrien, which is offering $4.40 a share.

COSTA GROUP HOLDINGS – up 4.42 per cent, or 23 cents, to $5.43

Australia’s largest horticultural company says its first-half profits fell 75 per cent to $7.1 million, but its cash flow and balance sheet position ‘remain robust’.

FLEXIGROUP LIMITED – up 21.37 per cent, or 28 cents, to $1.59

The buy now, pay later company is scaling back its 20 products and brands, to focus on four core consumer products.

CAJ – CAPITAL HEALTH – down 23.4 per cent, or 5.5 cents, to 18 cents

Shares in the diagnostic imaging provider hit a 20-month low despite first-half profit increasing to $11.9 million, compared to $2.9 million six months prior.