Another big battery has come online in South Australia with the 30-megawatt facility to help stabilise local electricity supplies and provide back-up power to 4500 properties on Yorke Peninsula.

ElectraNet chief executive Steve Masters says the battery at Dalyrmple will strengthen Australia’s power grid and improve local power reliability.

It will provide both regulated network and competitive market services to ensure it’s being fully used.

“Importantly, for lower Yorke Peninsula customers, it will help to power their homes and businesses in the event of an unplanned network outage,” Mr Masters said on Wednesday.

“The South Australian energy mix and landscape has changed significantly in recent years and the introduction of this battery is part of our support to transition to a low carbon economy.”

The battery will take its power from AGL’s Wattle Point Wind Farm as well as drawing on rooftop solar production.

It features 2268 individual batteries linked to six transformers using more than 28 kilometres of cabling.

The local federal MP Rowan Ramsey said the Dalrymple battery would provide more reliable power for customers at the fringe of the South Australian grid.

“The battery is strategically located to instantly respond to the intermittency and variability of power generated from nearby wind farms at the tip of the Yorke Peninsula,” he said.

“It’s storage capacity will help keep the lights on in the event of a network issue further up the grid.”