US container company Hoover Ferguson is expanding its range of wine totes and fermentation tanks in Australia and New Zealand to keep up with the boutique trans-Tasman distillery and wine industries.

The Texas-based packaging and chemical tank supplier announced on Tuesday it is expanding the availability of beverage-specific containers used in distilling, blending, fermentation and short-term storage.

It said the unprecedented growth of the boutique wine and distillery sector across Australia and New Zealand had brought both opportunities and challenges to its customers.

“When sourcing beverage container solutions, storage space shortages, a lack of high-quality products and lengthy lead times for equipment being shipped from overseas all have had an impact on wineries and breweries in the region,” Sonnie Groombridge, Hoover Ferguson’s regional vice president said.

The company has four facilities across Australia, with a presence on both the east and west coasts.

Boutique distillers are in vogue down under, with the Sydney Morning Herald reporting in November that Australian craft spirits were a $17.1 million category, up from $10.8 million in 2018, and growing at 110 per cent in contrast to the total spirits market.