There is some good news for drivers clocking up the kilometres over the festive season as petrol prices are set to fall in the coming week.

Average prices around most of nation’s major capital cities have fallen thanks to a drop in world oil prices and a natural low in Australia’s petrol price cycle.

Sydney is no exception.

After reaching a high two weeks ago, regular unleaded petrol has dropped 22 cents around Sydney to an average of $1.21 per litre, NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury told AAP.

Those falls will continue to drop for at least a week and there’s no reason why Sydney couldn’t see an average of $1.15, he said.

The fall is due to a significant drop in world oil prices, falling from $100 a barrel to just under $60 a barrel in the past two months, along with a natural low in Sydney’s petrol price cycle.

This is good news for motorists who paid consistently high prices in 2018, Mr Khoury said.

He said that as prices continue to fall at an average of 1.5 cents per day, it’s still important for motorists to do their research.

While the cheapest price in the state is $1.11, the most expensive is $1.57, so consumers should plan their journey to ensure they aren’t paying more than they need to.