US President Donald Trump returned home early Sunday from Argentina, where he reached a ceasefire in a trade war with China but snubbed action on climate change and other trade disputes at the Group of 20 summit.
The end of Trump’s latest tense foray into international diplomacy comes as America prepares to say a final farewell to former president George H.W. Bush, who died on Friday at the age of 94.
Bush’s death may offer Trump a temporary political respite – lawmakers are reportedly discussing a stopgap budget bill that would push back a potential government shutdown until after Bush’s funeral services.
On Air Force One, Trump told reporters he would ‘absolutely consider it and probably’ accept such a measure.
Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping brokered a trade deal of sorts over steaks and Argentine wine in Buenos Aires, agreeing to suspend any new tariffs while new negotiations are pursued.
But a summit-ending statement from the G20 reiterated that the United States has rejected a global agreement on climate change, and omitted pledges to combat protectionism that were a mainstay of the world’s leading economies in the pre-Trump era.