Australians could save up to $6 per script with more than 20 medicines on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme to become more affordable, the health minister says.

Greg Hunt says the price changes will occur from October 1 and save consumers $344 million.

The medicines include neuropathic pain reliever pregabalin, which Mr Hunt says will be about $6 cheaper per script to $33.

The price per script of dorzolamide, eye drops used by glaucoma patients, will be reduce by about $3 to $19.

‘By law, pharmaceutical companies must reveal to the government the prices at which they sell multi-branded PBS medicines to wholesalers and pharmacies,’ Mr Hunt said in a statement on Thursday.

‘If the government is paying a significantly higher price, this is reduced to bring the PBS price closer to the general market price.’

The government is subsidising all drugs recommended by independent medical experts, the minister says.

The 24 medicines with increased subsidies are sold as 226 brands.