Victoria’s largest energy supplier, AGL, has been fined almost $3 million for failing to provide a record of its energy efficiency obligations to the regulator.

The Essential Services Commission on Monday confirmed that AGL had breached the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme agreement, by failing to provide certificates showing the volume of electricity and gas they sell to Victorian customers.

“AGL fully understood its responsibilities but failed to surrender the correct number of certificates,” commission chair Ron Ben-David said, confirming AGL’s failure to surrender more than 64,000 certificates in 2017.

“It’s disappointing that a company with the experience of AGL would fail to fully comply with its obligations.”

AGL dismissed the move as an oversight.

“AGL had created the requisite number of energy efficiency certificates for the period, but had not surrendered them due to an accidental omission,” spokesman Richard Wrightson said in a statement responding to news of the penalty.

“Our intention was to comply and this was an oversight, for which AGL has apologised.”

Under the scheme in 2017, suppliers were subject to a penalty of $46.72 per missing certificate.

All other electricity and gas retailers in Victoria met their reporting obligations in 2017, the commission said.