Victorian renters will be able to have pets in their homes under a suite of changes to tenancy laws.

Pets will be welcomed in rental properties – unless the state’s dispute resolution tribunal orders otherwise – and residents will be able to put a picture hook on the wall without asking for permission.

Landlords will also have to ensure rental properties have working stoves, heating and deadlocks along with basic safety standards for gas, electricity and smoke alarms, under the new laws.

‘These new laws are the biggest reforms to renting in Victoria’s history and are about ensuring everyone who rents has a safe and secure home to call their own,’ Premier Daniel Andrews said.

Under the changes, tenants will be able to apply to have their bond released without written consent from their landlord, who has 14 days to dispute it before it is automatically repaid.

Those in family violence situations will also be able to terminate rental agreements in a bid to ensure victims are not held liable for the debts of their abusers, in line with a recommendation from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.