Apple became the first private company to exceed $1 trillion in market capitalization Thursday, two days after reporting better-than-expected quarterly earnings.
Here is a look at the world’s five biggest companies by stock market value.
Apple, Cupertino, California
Market capitalization: $1 trillion 
CEO: Tim Cook
2017 Profits/Revenues: $48.4 billion/$229.2 billion
Personal technology giant known for the iPhone smartphone, tablet and Macbook laptops, as well as software platforms used on the devices.
Amazon, Seattle, Washington
Market capitalization: $881.8 billion
CEO: Jeff Bezos
2017 Profits/Revenues: $3.0 billion/$177.9 billion
E-commerce company that began as online bookseller and but has evolved into perhaps the biggest disruptor in the global economy through its technological innovation, superior logistics and supply chain and gradual spread into ever-more sectors including groceries and health care. Bezos was named the world’s wealthiest person by Forbes.
Alphabet, Mountain View, California
Market capitalization: $851.8 billion
CEO, Larry Page
2017: Profits/Revenues: $12.7 billion/$110.9 billion
Google’s parent company has used its search engine as a springboard to become a giant of online advertising as well as the inspiration for new vocabulary (e.g. ‘to be googled’). The company also is a giant in mobile technology through its Android smartphone program and popular Apps, such as Google Maps. 
Microsoft, Redmond, Washington
Market capitalization: $817.9 billion
CEO, Satya Nadella
Fiscal 2018 profits/revenue: $16.6 billion/$110.4 billion
Software and technology services company known for its Windows operating system and myriad other programs involving computer cloud technology, business applications such as Outlook and LinkedIn.
Facebook, Menlo Park, California
Market capitalization: $500.7 billion
CEO, Mark Zuckerberg
2017 profits/revenue: $15.9 billion/$40.7 billion
Fast-rising social media company that has started to hit some speed bumps this year following scandals over its management of private customer data and lackluster response to the fake news phenomenon. The company reported 2.2 billion monthly active users, nearly 29 percent of the world’s population.