Enough large-scale clean energy projects have been built, or are in the pipeline, to power every Victorian home, new data shows.

Environment Victoria says the state has 1585 megawatts of large-scale wind and solar energy projects already operating and another 2518MW being built or financed.

With the average household estimated to consume 3865kWh of electricity a year, the state is on track to generate more than enough to power all 2.5 million Victorian homes.

“Our analysisshowswearewellonthewaytore-poweringtheequivalentofevery Victorianhomewithrenewableenergyfromthewindandsun,” Environment Victoria chief executive MarkWakeham said.

“Victoriacurrentlyproducesenoughcleanenergytopowerover one millionVictorian homes.With18large-scalesolarandwindprojectsunderconstructionorfinanced, wewillsoonhavethecapacitytopowerall2.5millionhouseholds.”

Mr Wakeham said the state is in the midst of a renewableenergyboomthatwillbecontinuedas5400MWofnewrenewableenergyprojectsaredeliveredunderthe Labor government’s renewable energytarget.

Analysisofthe target byErnstandYoungfound buildingthe projectswillcreate another9000 jobsinconstruction,engineeringandinstallation and reduce powerbillsand climatepollution.

Mr Wakeham said it was now time to startre-powering business and industryaswell.

“Victoria hasalltherightingredientstosecureaninternationalreputationincleanenergyand high-techrenewableindustries,andre-powertheentirestatewithrenewables,” he said.

Polls showed Victorians wanted more clean, cheap energy and withstategovernmentleadership,Victoria could lead the way nationally in renewableenergy, Mr Wakeham said.

Victoria is targeting 40 per cent renewable energy by 2025, which the government expects will drive a 16 per cent reduction in the state’s electricity sector greenhouse gas emissions between 2019/20 and 2034/35.

The Victorian opposition has pledged to scrap renewable energy targets if elected at the November state election.

Mr Wakeham says Victoria’splaceasarenewableenergyleaderisatrisk if the legislated renewableenergytargetis scrapped.