Australia is ‘through the worst of it’ when it comes to power price rises, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has told colleagues.

But some in the coalition party room want to restart debate on the national energy guarantee policy before the states agree to it.

Six coalition MPs talked about energy in the party room meeting in Canberra on Tuesday, with Tony Abbott asking if the NEG would be debated again.

But Mr Frydenberg said the policy going to the Council of Australian Governments had already gone through the coalition party room.

He said the plan would come back to the party once it was ready to be made law.

The energy minister also said he expected power prices in Queensland to drop soon, while NSW and South Australia will stay relatively flat.

‘We’re through the worst of it, I think,’ Mr Frydenberg told the party room.

The latest Newspoll found voters trusted Labor more to get power prices down, but one MP said the poll numbers reflected voters’ political biases.

Another MP said the coalition needed to be careful how much it owned the energy issue, given state governments had so much control over power prices.