Seeking to jumpstart interest among younger consumers, Harley-Davidson has unveiled an internship for summer staff to immerse themselves in motorcycle culture and then sell it through social media.
‘Do you hate the idea of interning for 40 hours a week in a cube lit by fluorescent lights? Do you want to grab life by the handlebars and take on the world? Then this is the summer job for you,’ the said a job description for #FindyourFreedom internship.
Under the 12-week program, interns will be given a motorcycle, trained on riding and then brought to Harley events after which they will share their experiences on Facebook, Snapchat and other platforms. The program will take place at Harley’s Wisconsin headquarters, where interns will also get a crash course in marketing.
In addition to a salary, interns will get to keep their motorcycles at the end of the program.
‘We’ll teach you to ride, give you a bike and pay you to discover motorcycle culture while you find your freedom on the open road,’ the announcement said. ‘Through content you create, you will be helping us fulfill our mission to grow the sport of motorcycling.’
To be considered, applicants must communicate – through an essay, video or another form – ‘what FREEDOM means to you right now.’
The program comes as Harley attempts to win interest among millennial consumers as it faces intensifying competition from companies in Europe and Japan.
In January, Harley announced it was closing plants in the United States and Australia, resulting in a net loss of hundreds of jobs. Global motorcycle sales fell 6.7 percent last year.