The Coalition is making ground on Labor, according to a new poll, which also suggests Australians have little appetite to see Malcolm Turnbull ousted as prime minister.

The Fairfax-Ipsos poll, published on Saturday, shows 62 per cent of those polled do not want a change in prime minister.

Mr Turnbull has increased his approval rating by five points to 45 per cent since December, while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten remained at 38 per cent.

Just 21 per cent of Liberal and National voters want to see Mr Turnbull toppled, according to the poll.

The coalition made up one point on Labor in the two-party-preferred standings, now only trailing by two at 48-52, based on how preferences flowed at the last election.

However, when those polled were asked how they would allocate their preferences now, the parties were tied at 50 per cent.

The coalition increased its primary vote by two points to 36 per cent, while Labor lost ground by one point to 34 per cent.

The Ipsos poll comes just days before Mr Turnbull is expected to suffer his 30th Newspoll loss, which has increased scrutiny of his leadership.

The prime minister cited former leader Tony Abbott’s 30 consecutive Newspoll losses when he toppled him in September 2015.

But Mr Turnbull is urging coalition MPs to look beyond Monday’s expected result to the success the government is having with economic growth and jobs.