Liberal Premier Steven Marshall will meet with resources company BHP Billiton to outline government plans to lower the cost of doing business in South Australia.

Mr Marshall will meet with BHP chief executive officer Andrew Mackenzie on Wednesday to discuss further expansion of its Olympic Dam mine and lowering the cost of power in the state.

‘The Marshall Liberal government will be unashamedly pro-business in our efforts to reinvigorate the South Australian economy,’ Mr Marshall said.

The new premier says ensuring companies have better access to reliable, affordable power will make the state a more attractive investment destination.

It will also help rectify the damage to the state’s reputation after the 2016 statewide blackout.

‘The blackout was a heavy blow to one of the state’s largest employers and an unacceptable threat to the future operations of the mine,’ Mr Marshall said.

Mr Marshall was elected in March on a pro-business agenda, pledging to cut red tape, cap council rates and lower payroll tax for small businesses.