A subsidiary of world’s top carbon-fibre supplier Toray Industries falsified product data, the company said Tuesday, making it the latest major Japanese firm to become embroiled in quality control problems.
Toray Hybrid Cord had discovered 149 cases of falsifying data between 2008 and 2016, the parent said, but added it had so far found no safety concerns or breach of any laws and regulations.
In final quality tests before shipments to 13 companies including tyremakers and auto parts makers, ‘we have unfairly re-written some of data’ for products including cords for industrial use, it said in a statement.
‘We deeply apologise for causing troubles and concerns,’ Toray president Akihiro Nikkaku told reporters with a deep bow, a gesture commonly seen in news conferences of scandal-hit Japanese companies.
The news comes after some of the country’s biggest firms admitted lapses in quality control.
Kobe Steel has said it falsified strength and quality data for a string of products shipped to hundreds of clients, from automakers to plane manufacturers.
Nissan recalled 1.2 million vehicles after admitting in October that staff without proper authorisation had conducted final inspections on some vehicles intended for the domestic market before they were shipped to dealers.
Subaru also called back nearly 400,000 vehicles from its domestic market after admitting that it also allowed uncertified staff to conduct vehicle inspections.
And last week Mitsubishi Material said its subsidiaries falsified product data, sending its shares plunging more than eight percent.
Toray, which supplies key parts to US aerospace titan Boeing and Fast Retailing, the operator of Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo, said it has not detected data falsifying problems with its main carbon-fibre business.
Shares in Toray fell more than eight percent in early trade before recovering slightly after the news conference to sit 4.61 percent in the afternoon.