ASX rolling 52-week lows for the previous trading day. Click here to go to TheBull’s data centre, then type in the stock code in the stock quote box for individual stock data and charts.


Company Code New Low Last Month
Argentina AVK 0.047 0.049
Audio Pixels AKP 4.65 5.40
Bassari BSR 0.022 0.028
Blue Energy BUL 0.026 0.039
China Magnesium CMC 0.09 0.12
Circadian CIR 0.26 0.305
Condor Blanco CDB 0.027 0.037
Eagle Nickel ENL 0.006 0.009
Global Metals GXN 0.002 0.003
Glory Res GLY 0.175 0.195
Gold One GDO 0.27 0.315
Goldfields Money GMY 0.79 0.80
Kingsrose KRM 0.66 0.785
Lachlan Star LSA 0.79 1.02
Lemur Resources LMR 0.06 0.065
Lithex LTX 0.029 0.04
Magnum Gas MPE 0.014 0.02
Red Hill Iron RHI 0.90 1.022
SWW Energy SWW 0.004 0.005
Syndicated Metals SMD 0.036 0.05
Talisman TLM 0.15 0.21
Unity UML 0.098 0.115


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