ASX rolling 52-week lows for the previous trading day. Click here to go to TheBull’s data centre, then type in the stock code in the stock quote box for individual stock data and charts.


Company Code New Low Last Month
AWE AWE 1.17 1.20
Burleson Energy BUR 0.016 0.017
Condor Blanco CDB 0.037 0.045
Diploma Group DGX 0.039 0.045
Elemental Min ELM 0.35 0.365
Enterprise Uranium ENU 0.11 0.12
Fe Ltd FEL 0.016 0.02
Genesis Minerals GMD 0.05 0.062
Golden Rim Res GMR 0.069 0.072
Hire Intelligence HII 0.042 0.074
Murchison MCH 0.125 0.20
Panorama Synergy PSY 0.023 0.025
Tidewater Invest TDI 0.063 0.065
UnderCoverWear UCW 0.014 0.016



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