One of the most important decisions you make as a trader or investor is choosing your broker. Who you decide to trade with determines not just how effectively you trade, but how much money you make, or lose. That’s why TheBull puts the question to you each year, and thousands cast a vote. Who is the best online broker in Australia? We want to know so we can pass the message on.

Australia’s popular Stockies awards will be decided after two months of voting on In early 2013 we will announce the winners and finalists across CFDs, forex, share trading, options, warrants, margin lending as well the top stock forum.

To take the mantle of top broker in Australia is not an easy feat. To beat the market, traders need cheap trades, market-leading software and technology and seamless customer service. The winners will excel on all points. Stockies Awards are set firmly in the tradition that traders and investors are the best judge of the top online firms to deal with in Australia. So it’s you, the very people who use the products and services of online brokers in Australia, who decide the winners.

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