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ASX top percentage gainers amongst mining stocks for the previous trading day. Click here to go to TheBull’s data centre, then type in the stock code in the stock quote box for individual stock data and charts.

CompanyCodeLast SaleMove (%)
Morning Star GoldMCO0.16526.92
Reedy LagoonRLC0.1122.22
White Rock MinWRM0.1820.00
Azumah ResAZM0.2819.15
Oakland ResOKL0.10516.67
Liberty ResourceLBY0.11515.00
China MagnesiumCMC0.2513.64
Korab ResKOR0.13512.50
Drill TorqueDTQ0.1412.00
Silverstone ResSSZ0.1511.11
Navarre MinNML0.25510.87
Kidman ResKDR0.2110.53
King IslandKIS0.1610.34
Indochine MinIDC0.1759.37
Krucible MetalsKRB0.129.09
African Energy ResAFR0.249.09
RED Emperor ResourceRMP0.518.51
Aura EnergyAEE0.1457.41
Jacka ResJKA0.2257.14
Panterra GoldPGI0.176.25
Horizon OilHZN0.346.25
Cauldron EnergyCXU0.1756.06
Cohiba MinCHK0.185.88
Sihayo GoldSIH0.185.88
Bathurst ResBTU0.645.79
Kinetiko EnergyKKO0.1955.41
Minotaur ExploreMEP0.1955.41
Sovereign GoldSOC0.2955.36
IMX ResIXR0.3155.00


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