As outlined in our earlier articles, investors may be wise to focus on companies that have a strong or emerging presence in stgeloping countries and regions rather than concern themselves with the hot and cold US market.

We have focused on five companies with robust Australian businesses that have also shown that they have what is required to make it on the international stage. The countries that analysts are talking up as the next big things are Brazil, Russia, India and China – the BRIC countries.

There are also regions in northern Africa such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that are undertaking huge infrastructure projects as the public sector and private enterprise continue to show that they can do it bigger and better than the western world. To provide some variety we have chosen a company that is active in each of the BRIC countries as well as the United Arab Emirates.


Ausenco (AAX) was founded in 1991 and is one of Australia’s most geographically diversified mining services company. Ausenco has extensive involvement in Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. More recently, Ausenco has acknowledged that certain areas of South America are on the verge of a mining bo