The stock picking tournament this week targets healthcare stocks. We’ve asked you to pinpoint the best performing healthcare stock for the week and your reason why. The winner will be sent a $500 cheque in the mail.

Below we’ve collated your responses. Biota Holdings was the most popular bet this week, followed by Sigma Pharmaceutical and CSL. Take a look at the reasons why.

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 Company Name  ASX Code  % Vote
 Biota Holdings  BTA  16%
 Sigma Pharmaceutical  SIP  11%
 CSL Limited  CSL  10%
 Aevum Limited  AVE  6%
 IBA Health Group  IBA  6%


1. Biota Holdings Limited (BTA) – 16%  

“I like BTA, it is well funded on a general upcurve and has just completed a successful software application in hospitals in Asia. A recent impressive capital raising and a program to include shareholders should not dilute the share price, the US government’s move to shore up public funding for medicine should lead to oportunities in the health services sector.”

“Charts indicate this will rise.”

“Purely on the chart – of all the Healthcare stocks, Biota is the only one with a good uptrend for the last 2 weeks.”

“In a strong uptrend and has a pipline of quality drugs in later stages of gaining approval.”

“From a charting perspective, has been increasing steadily of late and looks set to continue rising.”

“Trending smoothly. Good momentum. Good market depth. Bulls in control.”

2. Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited (SIP) – 11%  

“Wow this competition is good. I’ve never looked at health stocks before and I certainly didn’t know there was quite so many. Sip might have a chance at advancing forward now that the xao has gained for the last 10 days and is due for a fall, the fear will grab the market and the health stocks should rise again or at least not fall too much.”

“OK, I’ll be honest – I don’t follow this sector and it is a total guess!  πŸ˜‰  Looking for a bounce off these lows. Go SIP!!!”

“There is enough eveidence in Sigma media response/circulation to suggest they will be ahead of profit guidance. I base my increase in share price on this.”

“I have been keeping my eye on Sigma and think this is the week it will start its move upwards.”

“Sigma.  The market has over reacted to Sigma on the downside and an uptick in general market sentiment (albeit irrational) will lift the price to $1.15.”

“Seen as a defensive stock during a downturn and also full year results out this week.”

3. CSL Limited (CSL) – 10% 

“CSL is a first class company with top management and a commanding market position.  It has been sold down unreasonably as people rotate out of the defensive healthcare sector.  Some good news on new products or the Telecris acquisition could send the share price significantly higher.”

“Cyclical stock with good forecasts and is due to rise again.”

“After falling for the last several weeks, I think it’s about time for CSL to make a bounce…”

“Great fundamentals, good management, great products that are needed not wanted, not much competition.”

4. Aevum Limited (AVE) – 6%  

“Target price of 85 cents should complete a rounding bottom pattern.”

“hugely undervalued and due for a bounce!”

“I think AVE is currently undervalued considering the future opportunities created by our aging population. I believe the current share price is not a true reflection of its worth, the market will soon realise this and as a result the price will soar.”

“Based on Tech analysis screening Share is recovering from a typical suacer pattern Fibonacci retracement indicates a 61.8% recovery value of $.077 but the strength of the recovery (3 candles showwing higher lows) indicates that the recovery is stronger than a 61.8% retracement. Also using DMI (my favourite indicator) DI+ crossed DI- on wed and continues to rise strongly with the average DMI index at 40 (well above the required 25 even though it is descending.”

5. IBA Health Group Limited (IBA) – 6%  

“I am picking IBA as the stock is hugely undervalued compared to its foreign competitors. The stock will enter the asx 200/all ordinaries index on Monday and this should encourage increased interest and investment in the company.”

“This stock is highly undervalued, just recently upgraded to ASX 200, the next 12 months will prove to be the winner.”

“Believe the stock will now continue on it’s growth path now the share purchase plan has been priced in.”

“Best stock in the sector. Held back though by capital raising – still could go though.”


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